News de Nous – 10/12/20

October 12, 2020
Rolling Along in October !
 A busy week at FASTB World Headquarters, especially Friday with teachers on the move, such as Emmy (above), who provided a French lesson for our first graders. The addition of new English teacher, Mindy Robertson, has allowed for some schedule flexibility to do more with students – that story and a tour of our classrooms below.
 Plus, we have admissions, adult ed, school council and French book club news below, all in this Monday, school holiday edition of News de Nous…
Bienvenue Mindy Robertson !
We are pleased to welcome Mindy Robertson, who brings over 15 years of teaching experience to FASTB. A graduate of USF with a BS in English, Mindy’s experience teaching in multi-age classrooms, teaching multiple subjects and teaching at both the elementary level and middle school level make her an ideal fit for our school where she will serve as our English Language Arts teacher for elementary and middle school levels, and as a Math & Science teacher in our middle school.
Mindy’s career began at First Baptist Christian School in 2004, where she was a middle school teacher and includes a stint at Gulf Coast Christian School, where she also served as a Curriculum Coordinator.
 Mindy is patient and enjoys tapping into student interests, and has experience teaching special needs children as well. She is very excited to be joining the FASTB team and we are excited to have her!
En Classe – Cirque, Cercle et plus
Our CP/first grade class took full advantage of the new flexibility in our schedule that Mindy’s presence provides – working with Emmy as mentioned above, and with Olivier outside for physical education, focused on circus activities to work on hand-eye coordination with rings…
FASTB En Classe - 2020-21
…and with the diabolo, one of Olivier’s specialties as you can see below – students picked up on both activities quickly.
FASTB En Classe - 2020-21
Back in class with Magali, reading was the order of the day, en français…
FASTB En Classe - 2020-21
Magali, teacher & artist, was on the move as well, providing some art instruction in our elementary class, painting ocean scenes in layers to create textures.
FASTB En Classe - 2020-21
Emmy’s middle schoolers held a review session for a literature test on poetry, and needed to know the concepts and proper spelling. Hmm, we sense a game coming…
And that’s what it was – Emmy provided definitions, students used white boards to give answers (above) – one point for the correct concept and one for the correct spelling and, as you can see below, it was a close battle. Post-COVID, we anticipate standing-room-only crowds for these events – get your tickets today!
And finally, getting around to the “cercle” part of this school tour section, Cécile’s class is actively engaged in their circle time session, doing head counts and going over the schedule of the day. Some impressive French emerging from beneath those colorful masks…
FASTB En Classe 2020-21
Admissions News – Room to Grow in 2020-21
We are already in the midst of October, a month and a half into the school year, and we are very pleased with how things have gone so far! We are a small school that is adaptable in this ever-changing COVID-19 world, our students are making great strides in French already – and there are slots available for 2020-21!
 If you think FASTB might be a good fit for your child and you would like to take a live virtual tour to learn more about our unique school, please contact our Director of Admissions, Audrey Talarico and she will be happy to set one up for you. As always, you can feel free to visit our Admissions page and website to explore what we have to offer – a French immersion and multicultural educational environment that is the only one of its kind in this region.
 FASTB also accepts Florida scholarships through Step Up for Students, which is still accepting applications for the 2020-21 school year for grades K & up, and French Bourses for students with a French passport. We look forward to hearing from you!
Wellness Team Effort
Thank you to our parents and staff for being vigilant about spotting symptoms, per the agreement above. It is great to have everyone looking out for one another during this COVID time and being safe both at school and outside of school. For those not familiar, the above agreement is signed by families and staff, pledging to monitor for the prominent COVID-19 symptoms and stay home if these symptoms appear. Additionally, we do temperature checks twice per day and practice distancing, hand washing and wearing face coverings to keep each other safe. You can click on the image to review the agreement – merci !
School Council Nominating Period Now – Election Set for November 3
A reminder to families that we will be holding our election for School Council parent representatives on November 3, but we are in the midst of the nominating period now. We are asking for nominations by this Wednesday, October 14 – please send to Dan Hannigan at your earliest convenience. Merci !
l’école des loisirs – French Book Club Returns
Families also received information this past week about signing up for our French book club through l’école des loisirs – we will be providing some additional pricing information later today. If you are interested in this wonderful monthly book club, which runs from November to June, we ask that you place your order by this Friday, October 16.
Adult Ed Kicks Off This Week
We are pleased to announce that we will begin our Adult Education classes this Thursday evening! We have two groups – beginner and advanced – and will be meeting remotely during this first semester, which will run 14 weeks. We have a couple slots open in these classes, if you or someone you know is interested – and we would also like to begin an intermediate class, so if you fit that level and want to know more, please visit our Adult Ed page and contact us.
 Have a wonderful week !
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