News de Nous

Dear Parents & Guardians,
Thank you to all our families who participated in this year’s Halloween Parade. It was a warm, sunny afternoon with many great costumes! These community events remind us of what makes FASTB so unique. Bravo to the teaching team and students for this colorful, fun, and unique celebration!
Another great IB Potluck took place last week! Thank you, Emmy, for another wonderful and informative presentation. Good food and laughter always go well together!
On October 28th, FASTB students voted for their class representatives. The fifth-grade students organized the elections. Congratulations to the elected delegates and candidates for their posters and ideas. Our students take their FASTB citizenship seriously, which is excellent!
Our first round of Parent-Teacher conferences went very well. We appreciate your participation as these are excellent opportunities to discuss your child’s progress, strengths, and needs with their classroom teacher.
I recently met with Dr. Gaëtane Michaud, MD, FASTB parent and Medical Director of Pulmonology at Tampa General Hospital. We want our community to remain vigilant as COVID cases are rising; we will keep you informed. Being well-prepared is key!
As always, thank you for your support and your trust in our school,
Corinne Güngör
Head of School