News de Nous – 8/27/20

August 27, 2020
Bonjour Families,
 We have missed all of you too, and we are very excited that it is Opening Day Eve! Before launching the 2020-21 school year, we have a few things to share with you in this News de Nous, including an updated Reopening Plan and reminders for tomorrow, plus recaps of our drive through parade (above) and parent & staff sessions with Dr. Michaud.
Reopening Plan Adjustments
Face Coverings: We have not changed our indoor mask policies but, initially, we will be wearing face coverings outside as well and monitoring how children at all ages do with distancing and interactions. We are still asking you to pack a minimum of 3 clean cloth masks each day – please also include a “clean” ziplock bag and a “dirty” ziplock back so the masks don’t mingle after a change.
Hydration Station: We are in the process of upgrading our existing water fountains to include a no-touch bottle re-filler. We ask that, for the first few weeks of school, you bring 2 filled water bottles and clean them at night. If additional refills are necessary, staff will be able to refill.
Shoes de Nous: In past years, we have had students wear shoes outside and slippers inside to help keep the school clean. We are continuing that practice, however, we will be storing the shoes in separate bags in a sealed container outside so they do not enter the building. Students will wash hands after each time they handle the outdoor shoes – putting on or taking off. This updates any prior discussions we have had with some of you regarding our shoe policy – apologies for any confusion.
Pod Squads: As you know, we have 4 classrooms and we are making every effort to keep students separated by class – each will have separate recess and lunch time. Taking into consideration our small enrollment and staff resources, we will be dividing the 4 classes into 2 pods: a Preschool and K-1 pod and an Elementary & Middle School pod. The occasions of moving within the pod include staff covering recess or providing breaks for each other, and also for the academic needs of some children that may need to move within the pod. Otherwise, classroom populations will remain separate. The CDC pod recommendations are for groups of 50 or less – we will be around 15 in each.
The rest of the Reopening Plan remains as it was in the August 11 version – please feel free to contact the school to discuss any of these items or the protocols in general.
Form-ula for Success
A reminder that we need all forms contained in our enrollment packet plus a signed 2020-21 Student and Parent Wellness Expectations and Responsibilities form before your child(ren) can begin tomorrow. Also, please bring the supply items as well. The lists by class are below. Drop-off may slow a bit tomorrow as we do the wellness check, forms and supplies but we will have all staff on hand to try to move it along – thank you in advance for your patience.
Thank you for your willingness to provide these supplies – your generosity is very much appreciated – Merci!
Parading Around
We enjoyed seeing many of you at our parking lot parade yesterday! Some new faces and some returning faces – applies to both staff and students. It was a nice time to say hello and chat for a bit. Most of all, it just made us more excited to get going tomorrow – we can’t wait!
Sharing Expertise
A big FASTB salute to Dr. Gaetane Michaud, who put in a marathon Sunday for us, meeting with parents in the morning (pictured) and also virtually with staff in the evening. The purpose of these sessions were to share her front line experience with COVID-19 in New York City, discuss mitigation practices that work and fend off the virus, and stress the importance of everyone in our FASTB community participating in our efforts to be safe.
Very valuable information from an expert in her field – and a fellow parent, who has been very generous with her time and input as our school advisor. Merci, Dr. Michaud !!
We are all looking forward to tomorrow with great anticipation – a day we have been waiting for since our last time together, March 13! Merci – à demain !!
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