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On April 1st, our community welcomed Corinne Güngör as our new Head of School. The first impression of Corinne is definitely one of enthusiasm! She has spent her first two weeks busily getting to know every aspect of the school and she has already made her mark in so many positive ways. FASTB is so very fortunate to have Corinne on board to lead the school!
We thank the Parents Association for preparing such a lovely welcoming event. We also thank Jean-Charles Faust, Honorary Consul of France for Tampa Bay, for attending to mark this important milestone for the school.
Corinne Güngör is the Founder and former Head of The French American School of Princeton (FASP), located in New Jersey. A former teacher herself, her passion for teaching and education in general, particularly bilingual education, transformed FASP in unique ways. Today, it is an educational institution of excellence, highly recognized in the highly competitive region of Princeton. Moreover, FASP occupies a magnificent campus thanks to Corinne’s ambition and service to the academic community.
She received prestigious recognition from the French Government, being awarded the title of Chevalier, then Officier des Palmes Académiques et Chevalier de l’Ordre du Mérite, a Knighthood Order of Chivalry of France presented to exemplary academics and educators.
Corinne, her four children, and her spouse constantly communicate in three languages. She is delighted and honored to join and serve the educational community of FASTB.


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