News de Nous – 9/27/20

September 27, 2020
Wait, Here Comes the Good Part…
 Lots of good parts to report from this past week as News de Nous spends a little time with each class, with plenty of photographic and video documentation. Plus, we have an admissions report, news of our upcoming School Council meeting and election, and our big fence project resulted in an expansion of our play area – it’s all below…
En Classe – Battle for the Ages
There’s nothing like a little “friendly” competition to inject some juice into the Byzantine Empire and Carolingien Empire (Empire of Charlemagne) – as you can see above & below, Emmy’s middle schoolers quickly turned this quiz game into a pretty intense, and impressive, review session.
FASTB En Classe 2020-21
While middle schoolers exercised brains, Cécile had her preschoolers jumping through hoops as she stepped up the degree of difficulty this week with some pretty tricky obstacles. Didn’t seem to phase them however…
FASTB En Classe 2020-21
Meanwhile, down the hall, it was classic story time in Magali’s class – Les Trois Petits Cochons, or The Three Little Pigs. Good interaction as students chimed in on the wolf’s fate at the end…
FASTB En Classe 2020-21
And three stars were up for grabs for elementary students in Olivier’s “Trois escargots” challenge. As you can see above, students wrote the piece in cursive, but the big step was to recite it from memory in front of the class – the payoff is the reaction to a job well done…
FASTB En Classe 2020-21
Admissions News – Room to Grow in 2020-21
Hard to believe we are four weeks into the school year! A great start here at FASTB, a small school that is adaptable in this ever-changing COVID-19 world – and we have slots available for this year!
If you think FASTB might be a good fit for your child and you would like to learn more about our unique school, please contact our Director of Admissions, Audrey Talarico – we have slots available for this 2020-21 school year. As always, feel free to visit our Admissions page and website to explore what we have to offer – a French immersion and multicultural educational environment that is the only one of its kind in this region.
FASTB also accepts Florida scholarships through Step Up for Students, which is still accepting applications for the 2020-21 school year for grades K & up, and French Bourses for students with a French passport. We look forward to hearing from you!
Wellness Team Effort
Thank you to our parents and staff for being vigilant about spotting symptoms, per the agreement above. It is great to have everyone looking out for one another during this COVID time and being safe both at school and outside of school. For those not familiar, the above agreement is signed by families and staff, pledging to monitor for the prominent COVID-19 symptoms and stay home if these symptoms appear. Additionally, we do temperature checks twice per day and practice distancing, hand washing and wearing face coverings to keep each other safe. You can click on the image to review the agreement – merci !
FASTB Fence Expansion Expands Picnic Area
The expansion of our perimeter fencing not only helps us with safety but has the added benefit of expanding our play area, giving our teachers more flexibility in what they can do for physical education outside. Thank you to Florida State Fence for doing an outstanding job this week!
School Council Meeting & Elections
This Friday, we will hold a School Council meeting to discuss the start of the school year and put in motion the process to elect new parent representatives on Election Day, November 3rd. Details on the nominating and election process will be sent to all families in the coming weeks.
You should have also received an email this past week with a link to this year’s Family Directory – if you did not, please let Dan Hannigan know.
Media Coverage – France-Amérique Details FASTB Reopening
FASTB’s reopening caught the attention of France-Amérique this week, earning a feature story in the monthly, bilingual publication, en anglais et en français. Writer Clément Thiery shined a spotlight on the challenges of reopening in the COVID era and what our school community has done to meet those challenges. If you click on the image above, you can read the entire article – merci, Clément et France-Amérique !
Have a wonderful week !
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