Mirò in GS and CP

The students of GS and CP have been studying the artist Mirò in class. This afternoon, they painted their productions and used black thick markers to trace lines again.

Bon appétit!

It is lunch time at school! Everyone is having a great time eating lunch and sharing stories and laughs with friends!

Rallye Maths for the CM1 and CM2

Today was the Rallye Mathématiques for our fourth and fifth graders. They have been training for months in class with different exercises, problem-solving activities. The Rallye Maths is a competition …

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

The school celebrated St Patrick’s Day today. There was a sea of green in the whole school because you do not want the Leprechauns to pinch you. Those had caused …

Our big performance was a success!

After months of preparation and hard work for the students and the staff, the performance of Les Musiciens de Brême took place on Thursday March 16th in a full Franco …