News de Nous – 1/16/19

January 16, 2019
A Balanced Week
 Bonjour ! We all lived a balanced FASTB life this past week when it came to work and play, arts, music & yoga, and even the colorful foods our preschoolers brought for lunch as you’ll see below. We also released our calendar for next year but we begin with an Open House recap and preview of one to come…
Open House – Past and Future
Thank you to those of you who were able to attend our Open House yesterday! It was great to meet you and we look forward to many more meetings to come. We know weekday mornings are not always the most convenient time for families so we will be holding an evening Open House on February 7th from 6-8pm. More details to come on that but you can count on tours, refreshments and lots of Q&A time! Please mark the date.
As always, the invitation to set up a private tour is always open so please feel free to contact us – (727) 800-2159 or email Dan Hannigan at Merci !!
Elementary Time
The theme of the week in Claire’s Elementary class is time, and students above are learning how to read the time on a clock – a bit of a lost art in 2019. As the week progresses, time will work its way into Art and Discovery of the World subjects. Students are also continuing to take advantage of the classroom Bibliothèque, borrowing books on weekends and returning to share what they read with the class.
Suzuki Chin Music & Teacher Recognition
Outside the elementary classroom, Suzuki group lessons continued as students became better acquainted with the instrument, learning that there are three places for the violin:
  1. In the case
  2. Playing Position (left)
  3. Rest Position (below)
Playing Position is tricky and requires assistance at first – students learn the proper position by balancing a soft object, like the pink eraser in the photo, for 5 seconds and then return to Rest Position.
While students make progress with their violins, we need to give a big News de Nous congrats to our Suzuki Instructor Jennifer Diedrich, whose Suzuki Strings studio was recognized with a great article in the latest Northeast Journal, which you can see here. Well done and well deserved, Jennifer!
Colorful and Tasty in Pre-K
A color filled week in Priscilla’s Pre-K class as each day represents a different color, not only in Art (above and left) but also in the food students are bringing to lunch! Monday was Verte (green), Tuesday was Orange, today is Bleu, Thursday and Friday will be Jaune (yellow) and Rouge (red), respectively.
Our News de Nous body language experts have determined from the photos below that Monday tasted better than Tuesday.
Music & Me Yoga Debut
Priscilla’s class led into their colorful week with the debut of our Yoga class Monday morning. Instructor Anne Vaurie will be teaching both Pre-K and Elementary classes on Mondays through the end of the school year. Pre-K parents please note: the class begins at 8:45 so we ask that you have students here on time to take full advantage of this program. Merci and welcome Anne !!
Openings for 2018-19 & Beyond: Steps To Apply
As we continue to enroll students for 2018-19, we are also lookling ahead to 2019-20, if you are thinking about applying (or know someone who may be interested), please consider a visit and tour – we’ve had a lot lately! Below is the sequence of events for our application process:
  1. Inquiry: Submit the Application Inquiry Form on our web site and we will contact you to set up a school visit to give you more information about FASTB and answer questions
  2. Apply: Print, fill out and mail our Enrollment Application and fee
  3. Interview: After receiving the completed application we set up a parent or guardian and child interview to assess readiness and ability to benefit from our program
  4. Acceptance & Enrollment: Upon acceptance, an Enrollment Contract must be signed and deposit paid to secure a spot for the upcoming year
Please visit and click on the Admission tab for more on the process, tuition, financial aid and more – we look forward to hearing from you!
FASTB Calendar 2018-19 AND 2019-20
We have released our academic calendar for 2019-20 and you will note that it is more in line with area schools (no construction project this summer!) To access the new 2019-20 calendar, click on the image below left and you can download a pdf. For this year’s calendar, click the image below right. Please also check the Events tab on periodically for more specific information on certain events. Merci !
Keep an Eye on Maine
To keep tabs on activities up north, don’t forget to visit the Blog and Instagram of our school in Maine, L’Ecole Française du Maine – Year 18 is rolling along!!
All of us on the News de Nous staff wish you a great week – Merci!
Meet The Founders
The French American School of Tampa Bay, (FASTB), founded in February 2017 by Elizabeth and Willy LeBihan, offers a unique immersion school experience to students from Early Childhood through grade 12.
Inspired by their successful creation of L’Ecole Française du Maine: The French School of Maine 17 years ago, the Founders decided to put their experience and devotion for education to work in the Tampa Bay area they have grown to know and love.
2100 62nd Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33702
Telephone: (727) 800-2159
Dan Hannigan: School Director
Elizabeth LeBihan: Founder and Admission Director
Willy LeBihan: Founder and Head of School
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