News de Nous – 12/12/18

December 12, 2018
Braving The Cold!
 Bonjour – The recent frigid temperatures have not stopped our dedicated student crew from immersing themselves in the classroom or aboard the pirate ship! This week’s News de Nous takes a peek in the Pre-K and Elementary classes, a look ahead to January/February Open House dates, a look back at the Legion of Honor ceremony through the eyes of high school students, and offers some musings on music – here we go…
2019 Open House Dates Announced
The new year brings with it two FASTB Open House dates: a morning edition on January 15 from 10 to Noon; and an evening session on February 7 from 6 to 8.
More details to follow but please mark your calendars – all are welcome to join us for these opportunities to meet teachers, tour the school and dig deeper into your exploration of language immersion and all its benefits for your child.
Whether you are still thinking about this current year, or looking ahead to next year, we are happy to discuss either option with you. As always, refreshments will be served – you can RSVP to Merci !
Holiday Send-Off
We invite parents and families to join us for a pre-pick up Holiday Fête, Friday December 21 at 2:15. Tasty goodies await – plus rumors are swirling about possible brief student performances. Details are sketchy at this point but our investigative team is on it.
We hope you will join us and kick off the upcoming break with some good cheer!
Art d’Hiver: Elementary Class Embraces Winter
Continuing to build vocabulary through working on seasons in Discovery of the World (découverte du monde), Claire’s elementary class is focused on winter. Working off a winter story, La Pie Bleue (The Blue Magpie), students combined some geometry and art in the creation of the polar bear in the story (left and below)
As students continue to build vocabulary, they are transitioning from observation mode tospeaking more and more en français! Claire is very pleased with their progress – her students also continue to make strides in phonology and are reciting French poetry as well!
Pre-K Students March with the Penguins
Winter is a big theme in the Pre-K class as well, as you can see above & below in the art workshop – cotton ball & glue technology at work with the penguins, while salt was the secret ingredient in creating realistic snowflakes.
Throughout, Priscilla reports that student vocabulary is increasing within the subject of winter and also in the French songs students are learning. Singing and poetry would be a nice addition to a holiday party… Hmmm
Music & Me: Meets and Beats!
We had a Music & Me sighting in both classrooms this past week as Alex made the rounds. The Pre-K debut was met with some hesitation at first but once Priscilla & Pauline joined in (left), everyone got into it!
Meanwhile, Alex drummed up a lot of support from the elementary class as everyone enjoyed their first djembe beats (below).
La Musique Suzuki Commence en Janvier
Very pleased to have the full participation of our elementary students in our introductory Suzuki Violin session, which begins January 8 and will culminate with a performance on February 15. Our instructor, Jennifer Diedrich will contact you with specifics on the violin rentals soon. In the meantime, we patiently await the first notes that will emanate from the music room January 8th!
Area Students Moved by Medal Ceremony
We were very happy to have local college and high school students attend the Legion of Honor ceremony at FASTB on November 29th. Among them were Honors US History students from Shorecrest Preparatory School. Their teacher, Mr. Kurt Wahlgren, recently posted an entry in the Shorecrest newsletter recapping the event and sharing impressions from his students. Thank you, Mr. Wahlgren!
Openings for 2018-19 & Beyond: Steps To Apply
As we continue to enroll students for 2018-19, and also look ahead to 2019-20, if you are thinking about applying (or know someone who may be interested), please consider a visit and tour. Below is the sequence of events for our application process:
  1. Inquiry: Submit the Application Inquiry Form on our web site and we will contact you to set up a school visit to give you more information about FASTB and answer questions
  2. Apply: Print, fill out and mail our Enrollment Application and fee
  3. Interview: After receiving the completed application we set up a parent or guardian and child interview to assess readiness and ability to benefit from our program
  4. Acceptance & Enrollment: Upon acceptance, an Enrollment Contract must be signed and deposit paid to secure a spot for the upcoming year
Please visit and click on the Admission tab for more on the process, tuition, financial aid and more – we look forward to hearing from you!
FASTB Calendar 2018-19
Click on the calendar to the right to get our updated schedule for the school year, reflecting the move of the Suzuki performance to February 15. Please also check the Events tab on periodically for more specific information on certain events.
We will also be releasing the 2019-20 calendar soon. As many of you know, our calendar this year was impacted by the summer building construction. Next year, the school year will align with all the area private & public schools.
If you think it’s cold here…
To keep tabs on activities up north, don’t forget to visit the Blog and Instagram of our school in Maine, L’Ecole Française du Maine – Year 18 is rolling along!!
Have a wonderful week – Merci!
Meet The Founders
The French American School of Tampa Bay, (FASTB), founded in February 2017 by Elizabeth and Willy LeBihan, offers a unique immersion school experience to students from Early Childhood through grade 12.
Inspired by their successful creation of L’Ecole Française du Maine: The French School of Maine 17 years ago, the Founders decided to put their experience and devotion for education to work in the Tampa Bay area they have grown to know and love.
2100 62nd Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33702
Telephone: (727) 800-2159
Dan Hannigan: School Director
Elizabeth LeBihan: Founder and Admission Director
Willy LeBihan: Founder and Head of School
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