News de Nous

Dear friends,
As we begin 2024, I want to take a moment to acknowledge some of the wonderful moments we have had here at FASTB since the last Newsletter.
Since we last spoke, our youngest students embarked on a trip to the Mahaffey Theater to see their favorite fables played out on the big stage, Kindergarten took over the parking lot with their rollerskating, and our students worked to make their own snow day in the classrooms.
Looking ahead, in addition to all of the upcoming events at FASTB, I am very excited to announce that the Winter Festival (Kermesse) which was postponed due to weather has been rescheduled for March 1st. While now officially a Spring Carnival, FASTB cannot wait to bring back all of the games and activities our students love.
With the end of the winter weather on the horizon, I would like to wish everyone a wonderful week.
Warm Regards,
Colin LeBihan
School Director
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