News de Nous

Hello friends,
I hope everyone has been enjoying a wonderful weekend.
In this edition of the News de Nous we look back at the memorable events we have had at FASTB in the past two weeks, as well as take a peek into the amazing activities going on inside our classrooms. From our Olympic sporting event at Fort De Soto on April 19th, to our International Book day on April 23rd, FASTB has been a buzz of activity in and out of the classroom. Coincidentally, this buzz became quite literal as the Kindergarten class welcomed local apiarist James to learn about the importance of bees!
Looking forward, I want to invite you to our upcoming Book Fair, and book drive for the FASTB library this coming Tuesday, April 30th, from 2:30pm to 3:30pm. This event was a huge success for our library last year, and we hope you will join us in making a donation to grow our student library.
I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful weekend, and I am greatly looking forward to seeing you all again soon.
Warm Regards,
Colin LeBihan
School Director

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