News de Nous

Congratulations to the FASTB education team for a job well done. The accreditation application submitted to AEFE Headquarters in Paris in October 2020, and reviewed by MENJS Inspector, Jean-Noël Josse, in May 2021 has been approved; we received the certificate this week! The school is now fully approved by France from PreK to grade 3, and the school submitted an accreditation dossier for grades 4 and 5 this fall as planned. FASTB is on track to be fully approved for its preschool and elementary program by summer 2022. Congratulations to Magali Guilhem for her excellent work last year in grade 1 which was praised by the education inspector, and also Olivier Guilhem, FASTB Curriculum Coordinator, and Willy LeBihan, Head of School, for submitting the accreditation dossier. Our sincere thanks to Dominique Collado at Mission Laïque Française in Paris and the entire MLF-Americateam in Texas for their support throughout the accreditation process.