News de Nous – Scholarship Update

June 26, 2020
Bonjour Families,
 You may have seen yesterday’s news about the new Florida law expanding school vouchers. This is an exciting development for those seeking private school education, particularly during this time of health and financial challenges. We have been in touch with Step Up for Students and they will soon have new directives in place to address this expansion of scholarship funds for Florida families.
The French American School of Tampa Bay is eligible to receive both the Family Empowerment and Florida Tax Credit income-based scholarships for students entering kindergarten (must turn 5 by September 1) through middle school.
If you have previously applied for scholarships, you will receive an email from Step Up outlining how this new law will impact their evaluations – it is possible that families may get a fresh review if they were previously denied. For those who have not been in touch with Step Up, but think you may be eligible, we urge you to begin an application as soon as possible. The announcement from Step Up is expected in the next few days. You can also reach them by phone at 1-877-735-7837.
If you have any questions for us regarding scholarships or our admission process, please feel free to email Merci !
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Telephone: (727) 800-2159
Dan Hannigan: School Director
Elizabeth LeBihan: Founder and Admission Director
Willy LeBihan: Founder and Head of School
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