The Power of Immersion Video Series

Why should my child learn a second language at such a young age?

How does immersion work exactly?

Can someone with no French background really become bilingual?

What will happen to my child’s English in a French Immersion school?

These are a few of the questions we regularly receive from parents regarding our new school as they try to figure out if French Immersion is right for their child.  Since we are not open yet and cannot bring you in to see the school in action, we thought you might want to hear from fellow parents, and a couple teachers too, who have first-hand experience with our school in Maine, L’Ecole Française du Maine, so we sat down with them recently to discuss the questions that may be on your mind as you discern whether FASTB is right for you.

The result is a video series called The Power of Immersion and each video clip covers a different topic.  So far we have four on our site (many more to come) and we invite you to view them and share your thoughts.  The first clip below features Sonya, who struggled with languages in high school and is amazed at what her children can do at such a young age.

Brian was hesitant at first because there is no French in the family and he didn’t know how his children would do in this setting, but he eventually decided to give it a try after pondering the question, “What if it Works?”

Do you have questions about whether FASTB is right for your child?  Please feel free to contact us anytime – you can email Elizabeth LeBihan at or Dan Hannigan at

We hope to hear from you soon – Merci!